About us

A pioneering company

Our smart cosmetic brand helps Lacey’s profile customers who desire to express their identity at all times, every where, throughout their lives by boosting their beauty potential while simplifying the clutter of processes and products involved through L4L’s active ingredients, multi-functional dual & triple-use interactive make-up products and customized digital beauty services.



Companies rise out of a need: to fill a gap in the market, where the customer is asking for a product that isn’t offered to them yet.

L4L Cosmetics is a pioneering company, bringing to market true vision and forward thinking product development.

Its aim is to build tangible innovation and aligning this way the Cosmetics segment to others where sustainability, digitalization, traceability, material science, advanced technologies and industry 4.0 already overturned the market.

We are introducing technology innovations that are essential to facilitate the make-up application process, sustainability and safety, providing an improved make-up experience, while building a solid bridge to tackle the male universe as well.